A love letter to plants

and fellow plant lovers.

I’ve always been into gardening, managed to keep a few houseplants going through many moves, and enjoyed my fair share of nature hikes. This affinity has been supercharged over the past year, for reasons I’m just now starting to articulate. As far as I know, plants are immune from existential dread, and learning more about them has proven to be an excellent antidote for mine. They have a very straightforward agenda that they pursue with a sort of cosmological grace. Spending time with plants pulls you closer to the natural rhythm of life and death, decay and regeneration - all very necessary and entirely inevitable. So, there’s that.

I hope that this monthly newsletter will give you a brief reprieve from some of the other stuff you’re dealing with, a little palate cleanser between doomscrolling... It will strive to be informative but not jargony, and offer topics of interest to everyone, not just the green-thumbed.

All my best,


JP Raite is a photographer and nature nerd based in Brooklyn, New York and Lincolnville, Maine. She's studying ecology and has a deep affinity for plants.

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